Be our affiliate.
Earn 30% commission!

Partner with us to earn a recurring 30% commission every month!

How it works

  1. Sign up our affiliate program and get a unique link that you can share;
  2. Share the link with your audience. Here are some examples of how you can do it:
    • → Write a blog post;
    • → Share on social media;
    • → Send an email;
    • → Write a review;
    • → Recommend us in your newsletter;
  3. For every person that signs up for an account, we'll give you 30% of everything they spend within their first year paid directly to your PayPal!

Affiliate terms

There are a few rules about our affiliate program you should know about. No big stuff here, just some terms to keep a healthy partnership.

  1. Self-referrals are not allowed (i.e. signing up for our website through your own affiliate link);
  2. Abuse, gaming, or attempting to mislead (i.e. posting fake discounts to coupon-sharing websites) will result in your account being permanently banned;
  3. In some cases, we can give credit to an affiliate even if the customer didn’t sign up through an affiliate link or coupon code. If you have a case like this, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help;
  4. No search engine ads (especially on branded terms or domain names), Facebook ads or other ads that would compete with our own marketing and cause potential confusion for customers;
  5. No Social Media ads that link to our website or anything similar that would compete with our own paid marketing and drive up our costs and potentially cause confusion;
  6. No pretending to be acting on behalf of us (ie. as an employee);
  7. We'll pay commissions for your referrals at the start of each month, via PayPal when the total owed is equal or greater than $50 USD. In order to receive payment you must have provided a valid PayPal email address.
  8. We reserve the right to change the Terms of Service for our affiliate program at any time;

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