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Anchor Host

Anchor Host current official status is Operational


Incidents in the last 7 days
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Latest incidents

Resolved PHP rollbacks

Some customers websites are currently running into issues with PHP update applied late last night. Currently rolling back any customer affected to PHP 7.4 to stablize. I will be applying any compat...

Resolved Site outages at Google Cloud datacenters

At 9am this morning, a number of customer websites at one of Google Cloud's datacenter are experiencing an outage. Kinsta is aware of the issue and is working to restore the affected websites. See ...

11 months ago Official incident report
Resolved Service Disruption

Getting reports that various customer sites are loading slow or experiencing a partial outage relating to disruption with Cloudflare. Kinsta and Cloudflare is aware of the issue and are working on ...

over 1 year ago Official incident report



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