Outage in AWS

[已解决] 实例不可用 |[已解決] 實例不可用 | Instance Unavailability

Resolved Minor
June 18, 2021 - Started almost 2 years ago - Lasted 9 months

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Outage Details

11:10 PM PDT 我們正在調查 AP-EAST-1 區域中影響某些實例的連接問題 |We are investigating connectivity issues affecting some instances in the AP-EAST-1 Region.

11:55 PM PDT 我們持續調查 AP-EAST-1 區域中,影響到單一可用區(ape1-az2)實例的連接問題,這問題與許多 EC2 API 的錯誤有關係。| We continue to investigate connectivity issues affecting instances in a single Availability Zone (ape1-az2) in the AP-EAST-1 Region. The issues are related to the increased EC2 API error rates.

Jun 18, 2:51 AM PDT 從 12:58 PM UTC+8 開始,我們遇到了影響 AP-EAST-1 區域的單一可用區域 (ape1-az2) 執行個體的連線能力和 EBS 儲存問題。問題的根本原因與 EC2 API 錯誤率的增加有關。恢復後的 EC2,並且在 5:45PM UTC+8之前,絕大多數受影響的執行個體已經復原。我們會繼續處理少數仍遇到問題的執行個體,並透過個人健康儀表板提供進一步的更新。問題已解決,服務正常運作。| Starting at 9:58 PM PDT, we experienced connectivity and EBS storage issues affecting instances in a single Availability Zone (ape1-az2) in the AP-EAST-1 Region. The root cause of the issue was related to increased EC2 API error rates. Recovery followed EC2's, and by 2:45 AM PDT, the vast majority of affected instances had recovered. We continue to work on a small number of instances that are still experiencing issues, and will provide further updates via the Personal Health Dashboard. The issue has been resolved and the service is operating normally.
Components affected
Amazon RDS (ap-east-1)

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