Outage in Improbable
7 months ago - Official incident page

We are currently experiencing an issue that is affecting all API calls.

Resolved Major


We are currently investigating this issue.
Updates ( sorted recent to last )
MONITORING at 02/01/2022 09:09PM

We believe the issue mitigated, but we are actively monitoring our system. If you are having 401 responses or API timeouts, please reboot any application using the Zeuz API such as a matchmaker. This should resolve the issue.

MONITORING at 02/01/2022 08:32PM

We have pushed a fix. If you are still experiencing API timeouts or 401 responses, you will need to reboot to obtain new authentication token. The outage is considered mitigated at this point, but we are actively monitoring to ensure the system is stable.

IDENTIFIED at 02/01/2022 08:30PM

We are continuing to work on a fix for this issue.

IDENTIFIED at 02/01/2022 08:03PM

We are pushing a fix at 20:05 UTC that will require customers that don't renew invalid auth tokens to restart their instances. If you are getting API timeouts or 401s shortly after 20:05, please restart your instance to renew your auth token. We sincerely apologize for having you restart your instances.

IDENTIFIED at 02/01/2022 08:01PM

We are pushing a fix at 20:05 UTC that will require customers that don't renew invalid auth tokens to restart their instances. If you are getting API timeouts or 401s shortly after 20:05, please restart your instance to renew your auth token. We sincerely apologize for having you restart your instances.

IDENTIFIED at 02/01/2022 07:15PM

We are attempting a possible fix for the remainder of the customers impacted. We should have an update in approximately 20 minutes.

IDENTIFIED at 02/01/2022 06:33PM

We have partly mitigated the impact. Customers that attempt to renew their authentication token following an authentication failure, or customers that re-authenticate with Zeuz, for example customers that reboot their backend, should no longer experience the API timeouts. We are still working on resolving the issue completely. There is no ETA at the moment, we are looking at several hours.

IDENTIFIED at 02/01/2022 06:22PM

We are continuing to investigate and identifying approaches to resolve this issue ASAP to have our system back up and running. We don't have a precise ETA for when the system will be restored at the moment. We are looking at hours of outage. We will update this page with new information as it comes in. We sincerely apologize for this outage and the impact it is having.

IDENTIFIED at 02/01/2022 05:40PM

We have identified the source of the issue. We are working on implementing a solution or mitigation to get systems back up and running ASAP.

INVESTIGATING at 02/01/2022 05:19PM

We are continuing to investigate this issue. We don't believe running games are affected. Payload reservations may be affected.

INVESTIGATING at 02/01/2022 05:00PM

We are currently investigating this issue.

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There are a few things you can try:
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