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Resolved Transcoding delays

What is the Impact: Slower than normal transcoding times. Entries may appear to be in processing for longer than usual. Current Status: Our engineering team is working to resolve identified delays in transcoding queue. What to Expect Next: The next update will be posted within 1 hour.

Resolved Upload, API and KMS

What is the Impact: We are determining the impact for API, KMS and Upload. Current Status: We are currently investigating an issue affecting system performance. What to Expect Next: The next update will be posted within 30 minutes.

Resolved "Not Found" or "404" on some entries in KAF/KMS

What is the Impact: Within KAF/KMS, when clicking on some Entries, users may experience "Not Found" or 404 errors. Current Status: We have identified that some special characters within an entry name are affecting the URL. Our Engineering team is working on a solution as a top priority. Workaround: Under the application section, change the configuration called "enableEntryTitles" by updating the value to "false". Changing this setting will remove the entry name from the URL and will enable users to click on the entry from the My Media page. What to Expect Next: We will provide the next update on Thursday, February 4th, regarding the ETA of the solution.

Resolved Latency loading applications

What is the impact: users may see latency when loading applications such as KMS/KAF and Player. Users may also see latency on API responses. Current Status: Our teams were alerted and are currently investigating root cause. What to Expect: The next update will be posted within 30 minutes.

about 2 months ago Official incident report

Resolved CC Support Case System

The case management system used by Customer Care to respond to support cases is currently unavailable for case updates/replies. What is the Impact: CC Engineers are currently unable to reply on cases or update cases. Current Status: Our Administration team is currently working with our vendor. In the meantime, case responses are unable to be sent. What to Expect Next: The next update will be posted within 2 hours. Note: If you have an Essential (Priority 1/Severity 1) issue, please call your regional phone line. S1 issue is defined as: Critical - An outage such that the applicable service is completely unavailable across the account. North America and Worldwide: +1 800-871-5224 Europe and Middle East: +44 20 3116 7700 Australia: +61 283 209 231 Asia-Pacific: +65 31570257

Resolved Playback

What is the Impact: playback on media in KMS/KAF is slow and intermittently unavailable. Users may see slow playback or errors. Current Status: We are currently investigating an issue affecting playback. Root cause has been identified and we are working to resolve. What to Expect Next: The next update will be posted within 30 minutes.

Resolved Multiple Zoom recordings made in 1 session ID

What is the Impact: When a user conducts multiple recordings under the same Zoom session ID, and those recording have different time length, the recordings are currently being imported to Kaltura as a parent and child entries. This issue was introduced on November 22nd and is currently affecting workflows. Users might experience: Unable to identify child Entries in KMC/KMS; some recorded sessions may show an additional recording; chunked Zoom recordings populating as parent/child entries, instead of individual entries. Current Status: The root cause and the solution have been identified to address new recordings and the solution is currently in QA. A second solution, to retroactively address recordings created since November 22nd, is currently being scoped. What to Expect Next: The solution will be in two phases: 1) Resolve for newly created recordings - currently in QA and is scheduled to deploy by or before Sunday, December 6. 2) Resolve for recordings uploaded between November 22nd and the fix mentioned above - the solution is under evaluation and current ETA is the week of December 7th. Progress on those 2 solutions and updated timeline will be shared here daily.

Resolved Playback Slowness

We are currently investigating the video playback issues. Users might experience slow playback when watching videos.

Resolved Kaltura MediaSpace and API issue

We are currently experiencing an issue with Kaltura Media Space and API. The next update will be shared in 30 minutes.

Resolved Captions not displaying on some entries

What is the Impact: Users may see that captions are not visible on some entries. For a portion of entries, captions may have been previously visible. Captions might be enabled but text is not visible on the player. Transcripts also might not appear. Current Status: Investigation is currently in progress by our Engineering team. (Issue is not related to caption queue.) What to Expect Next: The next update will be posted by 10 a.m. UTC on Tuesday, November 24th.

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