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Ongoing MongoDB Atlas: Cluster creation, modification and healing delays in Azure US West 2

We have identified delays in MongoDB Atlas Cluster creation, certain modifications and healing operations in Azure US West 2 since 22:07 UTC on 14 Jun 2...

about 4 hours ago Official incident report


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Resolved MongoDB Realm: Slower Response Times

We are observing an issue with Realm requests which are taking longer than normal times to finish. The engineering team is actively investigating the issue.

Resolved Atlas cluster creation and modification delays

We are currently investigating an issue creating and modifying Atlas clusters. The performance and function of existing Atlas clusters are unaffected.

Resolved MongoDB Atlas: Cluster creation and modification delays

We have identified an issue with creating and modifying mongodb Atlas clusters. Customers may see the "blue bar" for an extended period of time. We appreciate your patience while we address this issue.

Resolved MongoDB Atlas: Capacity constraints in Azure Europe North

We are observing Azure virtual machine capacity constraints in Europe North and are looking into it with Microsoft Azure. MongoDB Atlas customers may have delays and failures in cluster creation, in the addition of nodes, and in certain healing operations in this region until this is resolved. Customers with urgent needs should consider a different region.

Resolved MongoDB Atlas: Atlas Data Lake creation and modification issues

We have identified an issue affecting the creation and modification of Atlas Data Lakes. The web UI may render as a blank page for any Atlas Data Lake creation or modifications. Querying existing Atlas Data Lakes via app or shell will work as normal.

Resolved MongoDB Realm: Statically-hosted content may display security warnings

We have identified an issue with MongoDB Realm apps that are using static hosting without custom domains. Affected customers may be prompted by their browser that the domain is unsafe. We are working to correct this with upstream providers. This does not affect the security of customer sites. Please note that sending email to Google/Gmail users with the text "" may be bounced by Google until this is resolved. API traffic (that is, non-browser traffic) is unaffected. Connectivity to Atlas clusters is unaffected. Affected customers may wish to configure a custom domain for hosting their content as a workaround:

about 1 month ago Official incident report

Resolved Partial Degradation - MongoDB Support Portal

There is currently an issue causing some of our customers to experience limited or degraded access to the MongoDB Customer Support Portal. If you require assistance with a critical MongoDB Technical Support issue and are unable to use the Customer Support Portal, please contact us on +1 646 201 9247.

about 1 month ago Official incident report

Resolved MongoDB Atlas: Blank page when creating a new cluster or modifying an existing cluster

We have identified an issue with creating new clusters and modifying existing clusters in MongoDB Atlas. Affected customers may see a blank page after clicking the "Create New Cluster" button or after attempting to make cluster configuration changes. Affected customers can either wait until we release a fix (which is expected in less than an hour from when this post goes live), or they can use the public API. Thanks in advance for your patience.

about 1 month ago Official incident report

Resolved MongoDB Atlas: Atlas cluster creation and certain healing delays

Due to maintenance at an upstream provider, cluster creation, updates, and certain healing operations are delayed. Affected Atlas customers will see the "blue bar" for an extended period of time after affected requests. We expect this to persist for less than a half hour from now. We will update this post with additional details as necessary.

about 1 month ago Official incident report

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