Pingdom vs. PagerDuty

Compare the status, incidents stats and history between Pingdom and PagerDuty

Every service has different practices when updating its status page, so compare these stats with a grain of salt. E.g., one service can be more aggressive when updating its status page than other so that they will have more incidents, but it doesn't mean it is worse than the other.


Pingdom current official status is Operational


Incidents in the last 7 days
Incidents in the last 30 days
Incidents in the last 90 days

Latest incidents

Resolved Access issues to my Pingdom

We're investigating an issue with signing in to my Pingdom as well as the ability to navigate the portal once logged in. Alerting and monitoring are not affected. We will update you as soon ...

about 2 months ago Official incident report
Resolved Checks showing as unknown in Uptime page

We're investigating a new issue where checks show up as unknown. We have confirmed that alerting and monitoring is working in real time, this only appears to affect the uptime checks page. We w...

Resolved Issues with my Pingdom, uptime checks

We're investigating a problem with uptime checks in Pingdom, right now the impact is that the status can show as unknown. We do not know the full impact just yet but we do not believe alerting or m...


PagerDuty current official status is Operational


Incidents in the last 7 days
Incidents in the last 30 days
Incidents in the last 90 days

Latest incidents

Resolved Monitoring Issue

We have identified and are actively resolving an incident where a small number of PagerDuty customers in both the US and EU service region experienced issues with inability to access Response Play ...

Resolved Issue with Listing Services

We are investigating an incident where PagerDuty customers in the US service region are experiencing issues with listing services on their account. Impacted customers may see slowness or timeouts w...

Resolved Microsoft Teams Integration Issue

We are investigating potential issues with our Microsoft Teams Integration within PagerDuty in the EU region. On confirmation, we will update with further impact and severity within 15 minutes.

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