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Resolved Error when accessing the system

We have found an issue when accessing the system. You may see error messages when first logging in, or while navigating our system. Our team has a fix, and are working on deploying this.

Resolved System Issues - Searching

Our team has identified an issue with searching inside the application. We are working with our search provider, AWS, on a fix. Currently we are awaiting more news from them, regarding next steps. Until this is fixed, you may see error messages throughout the application - especially when using the search/filter functionality.

Resolved Current System Issues

We are currently seeing system slowness. We're investigating to find the cause.

Resolved Current System Issues

Our team has noticed increased issues with the functionality of searching in the system. We are also noticing system error messages. We are investigating and working on a fix with our search provider, AWS.

Resolved Current System Issues

Our team has noticed increased issues with the functionality of searching in the system. We are also noticing system error messages. We are investigating and working on a fix.

Resolved Sendgrid and Gmail outages may cause email sending issues

Currently our email provide (Sendgrid) and Google's Gmail are having issues with sending messages. The combination of these two may cause messages to fail if your team uses Gmail, or if you are sending messages to candidates who utilize Gmail for their email provider. When emailing candidates in this situation the messages will bounce back to Recruiterbox, and you'll receive a delivery error notification. We are monitoring the status on both Sendgrid and Gmail for them to complete a fix on their end.

Resolved System Issues preventing page loads

We have identified an issue that is impacting page loads for the system. This may prevent navigation through the site, or logging in. We are putting a fix in now, and will update as soon as we know more. If you have further questions in the meantime you can reach us at [email protected]

Resolved Error with Google Calendar and Interview Creation

We are currently investigating an issue with creating interview invites. The issue is occurring only if you have Google Calendar synced with your Recruiterbox account, and seems to be stemming from an outage on Google Calendar's end. We are working with them to get this setup back up and running. In the meantime if you see an error while scheduling interviews, you can click through the error and continue scheduling the interview. If you do this, keep in mind the following: - You will not be able to see calendar availability from within Recruiterbox - If you invite yourself to the interview, the event will currently not sync to your own calendar - Invites will still go to other users and candidates, and reminders for feedback will still generate If you have further questions, please reach out at [email protected]

Resolved Careers site (Hosted Careers Page) error

Hi all - Customer's careers sites (Hosted Sites) are currently facing errors. We have identified and deployed a fix, which should be live soon. Until the fix is live, candidates may face errors when visiting your Recruiterbox careers page ( If you have any questions please reach out to us at [email protected]

over 1 year ago Official incident report

Resolved Error Connecting to Google Calendar

Hi All! We are currently experiencing an issue connecting to Google Calendar. If your team has your Recruiterbox account synced with Google Calendar, this issue will cause an error message when you're clicking on calendar related events in Recruiterbox, such as scheduling interviews. Status: We've identified the problem, and the fix is on its way live. As soon as we have an update, we'll reach back out.

over 1 year ago Official incident report

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