A Status Page for K12 Schools

A single status page for all your services. With IsDown you can monitor and add to your status page services as Seesaw, Blackboard, Canvas LMS, Powerschool, Nearpod, Google ClassRoom and others. Keep everyone informed and reduce support ticket burden.

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Internal status pages

Effortlessly monitor and include services such as Seesaw, Blackboard, Powerschool, Google Classroom, and more on a single status page. Say goodbye to scattered information and keep everyone informed in one centralized location.

Instant notifications for outages

Stay ahead of any service interruptions with instant notifications. Say goodbye to unexpected downtime and proactively address any issues by relying on IsDown's reliable outage notifications.

“If you are in SRE, IT, or Security and work in an environment with a lot of SaaS (which, let's face it, is all of them) - IsDown is your new best friend. Helpfully aggregates various Statuspages from services into a very clear dashboard. Worth every penny.”

Mike Sheward
Head of Security

“Your support is one of the best I have ever worked with. Thanks for having a great product AND great support.”

Eric Peterson

No More Surprises for your School: Get Instant Notifications on Outages

Cloud Monitoring

Keep a close eye on the performance and availability of your critical external services. Receive instant alerts and updates on outages, ensuring your team can proactively address issues and minimize downtime.

Uptime Monitoring

Monitor the uptime and response time of your websites, APIs, and other online assets. Stay informed about potential issues and quickly resolve them to maintain optimal user experience and customer satisfaction.

Keyword Monitoring

Track the presence of specific keywords on websites. Receive notifications when keywords are added or removed, enabling you to take swift action and maintain your site's effectiveness.

Status Page Aggregator

Streamline the monitoring of your essential services by consolidating their individual status pages into a single, easy-to-use platform.

Internal Status Pages

Create and manage custom, private status pages for your team to track the health of your internal systems and external services. Facilitate efficient communication and collaboration within your organization while staying informed about any potential issues.

SaaS Monitoring

Monitor the status of your SaaS providers and receive notifications when they experience downtime. Ensure that your business-critical services are always available to your customers.

Integrate with tools you already use and love

The data and notifications you need, in the tools you already use.

Stay Informed with IsDown's Real-Time Monitoring for K12 Schools!

Monitor all your critical services' official status pages from one centralized dashboard. Instant alerts the moment an outage is detected.