Monitor third-party services in Datadog

With IsDown and Datadog integration, it has never been easier to monitor outages in all your third-party services. Get notified of outages in your third-party services, directly in Datadog.

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The perfect add-on to Datadog

Unified Dashboard

Consolidate the monitoring of all your critical services' official status pages into Datadog. Improve your cloud monitoring strategy, without any hassle or complications.

Historical Data

View historical data for all the outages in your third-party services, so you can identify trends and plan for the future.

Seamless Integration Process

Setting up the IsDown and Datadog integration is quick and easy. Takes less than 2 minutes to get started. No coding required.

Customizable Monitoring

Monitor only the parts of the services that are critical to your business. Only receive alerts for outages that will impact your business

The easiest way to monitor third-party services in Datadog

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