Start Monitoring Third-Party Outages in Opsgenie

Published at Feb 28, 2024.
Start Monitoring Third-Party Outages in Opsgenie

In today's digital world, we rely a lot on third-party services. These services are great because they help us grow, be more flexible, and work more efficiently. However, they also make things more complicated and risky. If a service we depend on stops working, it can cause big problems. To deal with this, we're excited to introduce a new feature that connects Opsgenie with IsDown. This will make it easier for you to handle incidents by letting you know right away if there's a problem with a third-party service in Opsgenie.

Why Use IsDown?

IsDown is a tool that keeps an eye on thousands of third-party services for you. It tells you immediately if there's a problem, so you're always up to date on whether these services are working right. This means your team can spend less time figuring out if a problem is coming from your end or an outside service, helping you fix issues faster.

The Strength of Opsgenie

Opsgenie is known for being great at responding to incidents. It makes sure the right people hear about problems at the right time. Thanks to its powerful features, Opsgenie makes sure no alert goes unnoticed and that problems are solved quickly. It's also very flexible, letting you tailor how you get alerts so your team gets the info they need without extra noise.

How the Integration Helps

Linking IsDown with Opsgenie fills the gap between finding out a third-party service is down and reacting properly. After setting it up, IsDown watches the services you rely on and automatically sends alerts to Opsgenie if there's a problem. You can customize these alerts so you only get notified about issues that matter to you. Once the problem is fixed, IsDown will close the Opsgenie alert for you.

Setting It Up

Connecting IsDown with Opsgenie is easy. You just need active accounts on both platforms. Then, you'll set up IsDown to send alerts to Opsgenie by creating an API key in Opsgenie and adding it to your IsDown account. We have step-by-step instructions to help you get everything working smoothly.

Benefits of Connecting Them

  • Real-Time Alerts: Get alerts right away in Opsgenie if a third-party service goes down so you can start fixing the issue faster.
  • Centralized Incident Management: Keep all your alerts in one spot, making it easier to manage incidents, no matter where they come from.
  • Improved Operational Efficiency: Save time by quickly knowing when a problem is caused by a third-party outage, letting your team focus on what they can do until the service is back.
  • Enhanced Communication: Use Opsgenie's communication tools to keep everyone updated about the outage and what's being done to fix it, making things clearer and building trust.


By connecting IsDown with Opsgenie, you can improve how you handle incidents. Getting real-time alerts for third-party service outages right in Opsgenie lets your team act fast and keep things running smoothly. This integration is a big step in making sure you're ready to deal with the challenges of our digital world.

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Nuno Tomas Founder of IsDown
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