Cloud services monitoring platform for IT teams

Your business depends on cloud services. IsDown helps your IT team manage downtime for those services.

For Hybrid infrastructure

As IT infrastructures take advantage of cloud services, most IT and Helpdesk teams have to manage a mix of internal and cloud platforms. The average company uses tens of cloud services, many of them business critical. All this means companies today have more dependencies on outside sources than ever.

Meanwhile, your monitoring system is stuck in the past, monitoring just your datacenter.

Reacting to outages

When a cloud service goes down, you need to react, notify employees and business partners and get plan B into motion if it's a business-critical service.

While doing all that, you need to manage a flood of calls, instant messages, and tickets from users. With several integrated and interdependent cloud platforms built on each other, most users don't even know what service went down.

IsDown will notify you as soon as something goes wrong, so you are the first to know and are ready. Most importantly, you'll know the root cause of the issue! And if you're using some of our plans, you can integrate this data directly into your ticketing system, your internal status page, and even your IVR!

For a distributed workforce

In a new age of distributed and remote work, now it also matters if your remote workforce can access the cloud systems you setup for them, not to mention your clients and other business partners. Just because your office is working doesn't mean your business is.

One use case IsDown was designed for is to be used by IT teams.

What our customers say

"If you are in SRE, IT, or Security and work in an environment with a lot of SaaS (which, let's face it, is all of them) - IsDown is your new best friend. Helpfully aggregates various Statuspages from services into a very clear dashboard. Worth every penny."

How can IsDown help?

Here's a look at IsDown and how it makes teams' life a lot easier when monitoring your cloud services.

Monitor all your services' status in one place

IsDown App

We currently monitor 2509 services.

Instead of going to each service's status pages, in IsDown, you choose the ones that matter to you.

Every status page is different and offers different possibilities. Some offer notifications, and others don't. Some only email notifications, others a more significant set. With IsDown, you don't worry about that. You set your notifications that will be applied to all the services.

Instant notifications

When there's an outage, your team will receive notifications. Your team will have close to them the information about the problems in an external dependency. This will help you understand the issues that your infrastructure might be having.

Get the notifications where you need them. We have direct integrations with email, Slack, Discord, or Webhooks. You can also use Zapier to send them to whatever works best for you.

Multiple profiles and dashboards

You can use profiles in ways. Some customers use it for various teams in their company. Our customers, which are software development agencies, use the profiles to monitor the services that each of their customers infrastructure depends on.

With profiles, you can set different notification settings and treat different sets of services individually.

Components Filtering

A lot of times, you only use a part of a service. Imagine Digital Ocean, where you have multiple regions where you can run your application. You don't want to monitor the entire Digital Ocean stack but only a specific region. You can do that with Component Filtering, where you can get only notifications when a particular component is having an outage.

Notification Levels

Some services are more critical than others and impact you differently. You can define when you want to receive a notification for each service. You can choose for some to get notifications for all the outages and others just the major outages.

Step up the level of your monitoring system, and start monitoring your cloud services in a way that makes sense for your team. Sign up today for a 14-day trial.

Quickly identify dependencies outages

With IsDown, you can monitor all your critical services' official status pages from one centralized dashboard and receive instant alerts the moment an outage is detected. Say goodbye to constantly checking multiple sites for updates and stay ahead of outages with IsDown.

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