Outage in AWS

Increased Query Error Rates

Resolved Minor
April 05, 2023 - Started 2 months ago - Lasted about 4 hours

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Outage Details

4:16 AM PDT We are investigating increased error rates in generating visuals in the AP-SOUTH-1 Region.

5:26 AM PDT We can confirm increased error rates for QuickSight VPC connections to data sources in the AP-SOUTH-1 Region. Customers attempting to connect to their database will receive an SQL_CONNECTION_FAILURE. We have not yet identified the root cause, and are working through multiple paths to identify and resolve. At this time we are following our practice of removing recent software updates, and investigating the network paths followed by this traffic. We continue to work towards identifying the root cause and recovery. Connections to data sources from QuickSight over public connectivity are currently operating normally.

6:52 AM PDT We have isolated the errors impacting connections from QuickSight to data sources within VPCs to a single Availability Zone (aps1-az1) in the AP-SOUTH-1 Region. Requests to data sources in other Availability Zones are operating normally. Customers can recover by recreating their QuickSight VPC connection in Availability Zone aps1-az2 or aps1-az3, and updating their existing QuickSight data source with the new VPC connection. We continue to work towards recovery in the impacted Availability Zone.

7:39 AM PDT We have identified an impaired network flow that only impacts QuickSight private traffic within a single Availability Zone (aps1-az1) in the AP-SOUTH-1 Region. We are taking steps to update the configuration of the network systems in this path to resolve the connectivity errors. Requests to data sources in other Availability Zones (aps1-az2, aps1-az3) are operating normally.

8:32 AM PDT We have completed reconfiguration of the network path impacting traffic from QuickSight to datasources hosted in VPCs in a single Availability Zone (aps1-az1) in the AP-SOUTH-1 Region, and are starting to see recovery. We expect the reconfiguration to complete in the next 10 minutes, and full recovery to follow.
Components affected
AWS QuickSight (ap-south-1)

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