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Every service has different practices when updating its status page, so compare these stats with a grain of salt. E.g., one service can be more aggressive when updating its status page than other so that they will have more incidents, but it doesn't mean it is worse than the other. current official status is Operational


Incidents in the last 7 days
Incidents in the last 30 days
Incidents in the last 90 days

Latest incidents

Resolved Network issues in CDG

Traffic to CDG may be dropped due to a routing issue outside our network. You may experience elevated packet loss and increased latency in CDG.

Resolved Low Capacity in SJC

The SJC region is currently very low on capacity. New deploys to the region may fail, and stopped Machines may fail to start. We are preparing to add capacity.

Resolved Possible DNS degraded service

We're investigating a possible degradation of service with DNS on some hosts in MAD and LAX, and GPU hosts in SEA


Vultr current official status is Minor Outage


Incidents in the last 7 days
Incidents in the last 30 days
Incidents in the last 90 days

Latest incidents

Ongoing Potential service disruption in Tel Aviv

The Constant Company, creator of Vultr, is aware of and following the situation in Israel. At this time we do not expect any disruption of service in our Tel Aviv location. We will continue to clo...

Resolved Partial Outage

An outage or maintenance window is affecting a subset of users in this region. Detailed outage information is available in the customer portal if this event is impacting your resources.

about 12 hours ago Official incident report
Resolved Singapore Emergency Maintenance - 2024-07-22

Event Type: Network Emergency We are performing system changes in the Singapore location during the following emergency maintenance window. Start Time: 2024-07-22 19:50:00 UTC End Time: 202...

about 24 hours ago Official incident report

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