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Resolved Trouble sending videos to Twitter from Buffer Publish

We are currently investigating an issue we're seeing with videos being sent from Buffer Publish to Twitter. Tweets with videos attached are failing right now, however, tweets that don't include videos will be sending and publishing as normal. Our engineering team are investigating this issue with videos and we'll update this status page once we have more information. Apologies for the disruption this may be causing and thank you for bearing with us whilst we work on the problem.

about 1 month ago Official incident report

Resolved Trouble with adding or refreshing Facebook and Instagram channels

We are currently investigating an issue with connecting and refreshing Facebook and Instagram channels. We’ll continue to update this page as more information becomes available. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience in the meantime

about 2 months ago Official incident report

Resolved Twitter Server Issues affecting Buffer posting to Twitter

Twitter has acknowledged Server Issues on their platform. Their outage is affecting our ability to publish to their platform. They have updated their own Status Page with the Incident which we are monitoring:

about 2 months ago Official incident report

Resolved Facebook & Instagram Downtime

Facebook and Instagram are currently experiencing an outage that affects Buffer functionality. We are actively monitoring the situation and apologize for any inconvenience. We'll continue to update this page as more information becomes available.

Resolved Increase in failed updates due to Instagram Downtime.

We're beginning to see an increase in failed updates scheduled to Publish on Instagram due to what appears to be downtime on Instagram. We're continuing to investigate and will update this page as more information becomes available.

Resolved API issues with Twitter, causing problems with connections and posting through Buffer

We're currently experiencing issues with the API connection to Twitter. At the moment, we are seeing problems trying to connect or reconnect Twitter accounts to Buffer, as well as issues sending posts from Buffer to Twitter. Our engineering team are investigating this and we're working with Twitter to get a fix in place. We're extremely sorry for the inconvenience and trouble this is causing. Whilst we're unable to post successfully via Twitter's API, you would still be able to log into Twitter natively and post normally there. We will continue to monitor this and update our status page with any new information we receive.

Resolved Failed updates due to Social Channel Disconnects

While performing some planned platform changes, we began to experience a higher rate of update failures due to social channels disconnects. We've addressed the issue with the changes, but some social channels will need to be reconnected in order to ensure updates can publish. We are so very sorry for the disruption this has caused. For more information on how to reconnect your social channel, feel free to reference this Help Center article:

Resolved Buffer website partially down

Unfortunately, we are seeing a return of the incident from earlier today where customers from certain regions are having trouble loading their Buffer dashboards successfully. Our engineering team are investigating the cause of this and working to get Buffer fully operational again. We will continue to monitor this issue through the rest of the day and update this page accordingly, once we have more news. We're very sorry this is flaring up again and we hope to be able to resolve it soon.

Resolved Buffer website partially down

We have received several reports that the Buffer website isn't currently loading for some customers. It does appear that this will be dependent on the location of where you're trying to access Buffer from. We are currently investigating this and working on getting Buffer back up for all customers as soon as we can.

Resolved [Analyze] 'Total Fans' not being displayed for Facebook Pages.

Sadly, it appears there is currently an issue within the Facebook API and the 'Total Fans' of a Facebook Page are no being provided. This issue has been reported to Facebook and we're awaiting updates. In the meantime, any graph within Analyze related to the 'Total Fans' metric for Facebook will display zero. We're hoping for a quick resolution and will update this page as information comes available.

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