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Resolved Failed updates due to Social Channel Disconnects

While performing some planned platform changes, we began to experience a higher rate of update failures due to social channels disconnects. We've addressed the issue with the changes, but some social channels will need to be reconnected in order to ensure updates can publish. We are so very sorry for the disruption this has caused. For more information on how to reconnect your social channel, feel free to reference this Help Center article: https://support.buffer.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038961173-Reconnecting-a-social-channel-in-Buffer-Publish.

Resolved Buffer website partially down

Unfortunately, we are seeing a return of the incident from earlier today where customers from certain regions are having trouble loading their Buffer dashboards successfully. Our engineering team are investigating the cause of this and working to get Buffer fully operational again. We will continue to monitor this issue through the rest of the day and update this page accordingly, once we have more news. We're very sorry this is flaring up again and we hope to be able to resolve it soon.

about 1 month ago Official incident report

Resolved Buffer website partially down

We have received several reports that the Buffer website isn't currently loading for some customers. It does appear that this will be dependent on the location of where you're trying to access Buffer from. We are currently investigating this and working on getting Buffer back up for all customers as soon as we can.

about 1 month ago Official incident report

Resolved [Analyze] 'Total Fans' not being displayed for Facebook Pages.

Sadly, it appears there is currently an issue within the Facebook API and the 'Total Fans' of a Facebook Page are no being provided. This issue has been reported to Facebook and we're awaiting updates. In the meantime, any graph within Analyze related to the 'Total Fans' metric for Facebook will display zero. We're hoping for a quick resolution and will update this page as information comes available.

about 1 month ago Official incident report

Resolved Trouble with Facebook posts failing, due to Facebook API bug

We are currently investigating an ongoing issue where Facebook posts are failing and we're receiving an error from Facebook stating "Please reduce the amount of data you’re asking for, then retry your request". This is an API bug that has been logged with Facebook over here: https://developers.facebook.com/support/bugs/448867966487671/ One thing to note is that even though you may receive this error message, it does appear some posts are still being successfully published to Facebook - so it would be good to check if your post is live, despite the error message. We will continue to monitor this situation and we will update this incident accordingly when we have more information to share.

about 2 months ago Official incident report

Resolved Trouble adding Images to the Queue

We're currently experiencing an issue where images aren't able to be added to the queue. While images are able to be uploaded into the composer, when the 'Add to Queue' button is clicked an error message is displayed. We're investigating and hope to have this resolved as soon as possible.

Resolved Issues with publishing tweets due to a Twitter outage

We are aware that Twitter was down for a few hours on 10/15/2020 and some tweets failed to publish in that time. We are continuing to monitor this situation, and we have seen the error rate decrease and functionality return to normal. Twitter is currently operational again and retrying any failed tweets from Buffer Publish should send posts successfully.

Resolved Increased LinkedIn Publishing Errors

Beginning on July 31st, Buffer began to experience an increase in the number of errors for updates scheduled for LinkedIn. While investigating, we saw the error rate decrease and functionality return to normal. Sadly, the error rate began to increase again as of today, August 3rd. LinkedIn has responded to requests mentioning that they experienced a system-wide bug which they believed to have been resolved, but they are now investigating new reports of the issue. We're awaiting further information on the issue and will update this page as it comes available.

Resolved Trouble with publishing Facebook updates containing tags of other Pages.

We are currently investigating an issue involving the publishing of Facebook updates containing tags (`@` mentions). From our initial investigation, it appears this may be a wider issue impacting Facebook's API overall and there are a couple of different reports of this within the support forum. The error you will see within the queue on updates that fail as a result of this issue will be the following: `Oh dear, looks like Facebook may be having some troubles right now. Maybe try again after making a cuppa?`

Resolved Issue w/Publishing Images to Facebook Pages.

Over the the weekend of July 11th, we began to see a number of reports regarding updates including images publishing through Buffer to Facebook Pages, but not appearing within the timeline. Instead, these updates only appeared within the Timeline photo album of the Page. Upon investigation, it has been determined that this is the result of bug within the Facebook API. A report has been logged with the Facebook team and we're awaiting a solution.

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