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0 incidents in the last 7 days

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Last known issue was 9 months ago

Latest Incidents

Resolved API/WebSockets Issue Identified (US)

Our Engineering team has identified the cause of the issue. We will post an update as soon as additional information is available.

Resolved Issues with API (EU Region)

On Thursday, 3:28AM MST, our engineers noticed a sharp increase in traffic on one of our API clusters in the EU region. This resulted in API downtime for customers on that shared cluster. At 3:34AM MST, this issue was resolved automatically by our self-healing architecture. We use an auto-scaling mechanism that instantiates new servers as the traffic increases. However, the configuration was not able to anticipate the rapid increase in traffic, and new servers were added at a rate slower than required to maintain uptime. As a result, customers on that shared cluster faced API downtime for a few minutes. We have now tweaked our auto-scaling mechanism to initiate much quicker to avoid such an issue in the future. We apologize for the inconvenience.

10 months ago Official incident report

Resolved Issues with API (EU Region)

On Thursday, 6:39AM MST, our engineers identified an unusual spike in traffic hitting one of our API clusters in the EU region. As a result, some of our databases were inundated with requests. This resulted in degraded performance for many of our customers on that shared cluster. At 7:06AM MST, this issue was resolved. In light of this event, we have added flood protection mechanisms to avoid such an issue in the future. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you are still facing this issue, please get in touch with us.

11 months ago Official incident report

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