DigitalOcean vs. Vercel

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Every service has different practices when updating its status page, so compare these stats with a grain of salt. E.g., one service can be more aggressive when updating its status page than other so that they will have more incidents, but it doesn't mean it is worse than the other.


DigitalOcean current official status is Operational


Incidents in the last 7 days
Incidents in the last 30 days
Incidents in the last 90 days

Latest incidents

Ongoing Subsea Fiber Faults in the APAC region

As of 12:00 UTC, our Engineering team has again identified an issue with an upstream provider causing packet loss and increased latency in the SGP1 region. Users may have been experiencing degraded...

about 2 months ago Official incident report
Resolved Monitoring Alerts for MongoDB Cluster

Our Engineering team is investigating an issue with Monitoring alerts for MongoDB Clusters in all region. During this time, alert policies may be delayed or fail to trigger their configured notific...

Resolved Network connectivity in FRA1 and AMS3 regions

As of 08:43 UTC, our Engineering team is investigating reports of networking connectivity issues in our FRA1 and AMS3 regions. Users may have experienced packet loss/latency, timeouts, and related ...


Vercel current official status is Operational


Incidents in the last 7 days
Incidents in the last 30 days
Incidents in the last 90 days

Latest incidents

Resolved Degraded Analytics Intake

We are observing degraded intake of Analytics (Audiences and Web Vitals). We are working closely with the team to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Resolved Errors with Logging In Region iad1

We're investigating a delay in delivering Vercel Logs to Logdrains for requests to Vercel websites received in the iad1 region. We're currently seeing a delay of 15 minutes. There's no data loss. A...

Resolved Errors In Region FRA1

We are currently investigating degraded performance in our FRA1 (Frankfurt) region.

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