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Resolved Delays in candidate updates in Monitor

This incident is being worked on with the highest priority. We will as soon as possible post information about expected resolution time. The impact of the incident currently includes: - Candidates that have submitted during this incident are not updated to the Submitted status in Monitor. These candidates have submitted, and the status will be updated to Submitted once the incident is resolved. ---- Candidate submissions are not compromised, and will be available to planners/graders/teachers once the incident is resolved. ---- When the test settings allow it - the candidates will be able to access their submission in their archive even if the status in Monitor is not updated. - All candidate actions in Monitor are affected. This includes adding extra time and open for resubmission. ---- Extra time and resubmission will be available for the candidates, but the extra time will not show as expected in Monitor until the incident is resolved. - Delay when adding candidates to tests (including from external systems like FS). The added candidates do not show up in the candidate list. ---- Candidates will be updated once the incident is resolved.

Resolved Delays in candidate updates in Monitor

This applies to all actions on candidates, including adding new candidates from all sources. We are working to resolve the issue, and a new update will be posted as soon as we have more information.

Resolved Chrome/Edge: In newest browser version backspace may delete whole paragraph

A bug that affects Inspera Assessment test takers has been identified in the newest browser versions of Edge and Chrome. The bug affects essay questions and can delete a whole paragraph when removing content using backspace. Chromium has planned to fix this in their next version which is planned to be released on 25.05.2021. Affected test takers can use the Temporary Backup Snapshots or Undo buttons in the essay text editor. We recommend that test takers use Firefox and Safari until the issue has been solved by Chromium.

about 1 month ago Official incident report

Resolved Not possible to change grading workflow on active and finished tests

It is currently not possible to change the grading workflow settings after a test has been activated. This affects all tests. We are investigating the issue and are working on a fix.

about 1 month ago Official incident report

Resolved Latency and delays across all operations and all customers

We are investigating an issue that leads to delays in all operations for all customers. This may affect event log updates, actions in Monitor, and other actions performed by users in all parts of Inspera Assessment. Candidates who are in progress should continue their tests normally. We will post a new update as soon as possible.

Resolved Issue with general options for questions

This incident applies to Authors. The options for scoring and other question settings are currently not available. We are working on restoring full functionality, and we expect it to be resolved shortly.

Resolved Anti plagiarism service is currently disabled - delays in some webhooks and E-mail notifications

We have identified an issue with one of our servers, and this affects the following: - E-mail notifications - Webhooks - Anti plagiarism service Anti plagiarism service is temporarily disabled. Once the issue is resolved, we will resume the service, and all submissions that are in queue will be processed normally. E-mail notifications and webhooks from last night may be delayed, andt will be processed one the issue is resolved. New events are not affected. We expect the issue to be resolved shortly, and we will update this incident as soon as possible.

Resolved Issue with missing organisational units

This applies to customers that use organisational units in Inspera Assessment. The org.units are currently not visible as expected. We are working on identifying the issue, and this incident will be updated as soon as we know more.

Resolved Telia/GET customers have reported problems reaching Inspera's services

This status applies mainly to Norwegian customers. We have received reports that users with Telia/GET as their internet provider have problems reaching all of Inspera's services. This applies to both admin and student users in Inspera. Inspera's services are currently running normally, and the problem seems to be isolated to Telia/GET. We will provide more information as soon as possible.

Resolved Inspera Assessment is currently unavailable

We are investigating and a new update will follow as soon as possible.

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