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Ongoing Prisma Cloud IaC (Shift Left) - Scan and Alert delays

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Ongoing Prisma Access (Panorama Managed) 2.1 Preferred is Now Available to Upgrade

(Please ignore this alert if you are running the 2.0-Innovation plugin version and/or your dataplane version is 10.0.3.) The Cloud Services plugin 2.1 Preferred is now available for Prisma Access (Panorama Managed) deployments. * If you are running the cloud Services plugin version 2.0-preferred, you can upgrade to the 2.1-Preferred plugin now. * If you are running a Cloud Services plugin version of 1.8 or 1.7, check your dataplane version. - If your dataplane is already upgraded to 9.1.7, upgrade your Cloud Services plugin to 2.0 Preferred; then, upgrade to 2.1 Preferred. - If your dataplane is lower than 9.1.7, then please reach out to your Palo Alto Networks support or sales representative to get upgraded to a supported dataplane version. * If you are running cloud service plugin 2.0-Innovation or your dataplane version is 10.0.3, please DO NOT UPGRADE to cloud plugin version 2.1-Preferred. * If you are already running plugin version 2.1-Preferred, you can ignore this alert. No further action is required. To check your Cloud Services plugin and dataplane versions, select Panorama > Cloud Services > Configuration > Service Setup. The Cloud Services version displays in the Plugin Alert area and the dataplane version displays in the DataPlane PAN-OS version area.

about 1 month ago Official incident report

Ongoing Prisma Access - Cloud Services Plugins Before 2.0 Will Be End-Of-Life (EoL) on June 16, 2021

If you are running a Prisma Access (Panorama Managed) deployment that uses a Cloud Services plugin that is earlier than 2.0 and have had your dataplane upgraded to either 9.1.7 or 10.0.3, you must upgrade your plugin to the minimum supported 2.0 version (either 2.0 Preferred or 2.0 Innovation) before June 16, 2021. The supported Cloud Services plugin version depends on the dataplane that your deployment is running.  The following table shows the Cloud Services plugin 2.0 version that you must upgrade to before June 16, 2021. If you do not see the Cloud Services plugin version available for download after the dataplane upgrade, contact your authorized Palo Alto Networks representative or partner or open a support case. Dataplane Version Required Minimum Cloud Services Plugin Version 9.1.7 2.0-Preferred 10.0.3 2.0-Innovation To check your Cloud Services and dataplane versions, select Panorama > Cloud Services > Configuration > Service Setup. The Cloud Services version displays in the Plugin Alert area and the dataplane version displays in the DataPlane PAN-OS version area.

about 2 months ago Official incident report

Ongoing Panorama On-Boarded Firewall Certificate Issue (Cortex Data Lake)

Urgent message for Cortex Data Lake customers with firewalls onboarded via Panorama. Please read this Customer Advisory for more information.

Ongoing Prisma Access Egress IP Address Optimizations

Palo Alto Networks will be implementing IP address optimizations throughout 2021 to improve the overall experience for our Prisma Access customers. Please read more about it here.

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