Explore the Best StatusGator Alternative: IsDown

Updated at Apr 27, 2024. Published at Oct 31, 2023.
Explore the Best StatusGator Alternative: IsDown

Are you searching for a reliable StatusGator alternative? Welcome to IsDown, your premier choice for status page aggregation! Unlike simply comparing features, we invite you to experience the distinct advantages of IsDown firsthand, tailored to your unique requirements.

Consolidate All Your External Status Pages

Like Statusgator, IsDown aggregates the official status pages from thousands of services. We track official updates from nearly 3,000 cloud services, and we're adding more every day. Every few minutes, we check each status page, capturing the service's current status and outage details – title, description, timestamps of occurrence and resolution, and more, ensuring comprehensive outage information.

We're continually expanding the number of services we monitor, adding more daily.

Seamless Integration with Your Existing Tools

IsDown aims to integrate your existing workflow, not add another monitoring and observability stack. We offer seamless integrations with platforms like Datadog, Slack, PagerDuty, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Webhooks, Zapier, SquaredUp, and more. These integrations are typically straightforward to set up.

A difference from Statusgator is that IsDown offers a Datadog integration, which Statusgator doesn't. Also, PagerDuty in Statusgator is only available in the Corporate plan ($3288/year), while IsDown is available in a more affordable plan ($888/year).

Tailored Alert Settings

You usually don’t need to get all the outages from services. Sometimes, an outage affects a part of a service you’re not using. With IsDown, you can choose which alerts you want to receive.

You can also choose whether you want only minor or major outages. This will avoid alert fatigue in your team.

Shareable Status Pages for Teams or Customers

Easily share status updates with your team or customers. They don't need an IsDown account to stay informed. Just publish your dashboard, and anyone with the link can access it. We offer numerous customization options and regularly add more. You can also keep the dashboard private or secure it with a password.

Custom Solutions? Our API Has You Covered!

Our API is ready for all your needs and can support custom integrations, specific workflows, and more. And we’re constantly adding more possibilities and expanding it.

Comprehensive Uptime and SSL Monitoring

One of our latest features is Uptime, Keyword, and SSL monitoring, so you can monitor all external and internal services from one place. The uptime monitoring is done from multiple locations to avoid false positives. You will also have access to response times from those 3 locations.

Early Outage Detection

Sometimes, official status updates lag behind actual outages. We gather data from multiple sources, providing early warnings on your dashboard and status pages if users report issues with a service.

Enhanced Security with SSO Integration

We support integration with the most popular identity providers. Contact us, and we'll set it up for you.

Competitive Pricing

While we don't have a free plan like Statusgator, we offer a 14-day trial. Our entry-level plan is more affordable and might just meet all your needs. Our plans start at $45/month ($37/month when billed annually), compared to Statusgator's starting price of $79/month ($72/month annually).

Final Thoughts

Is IsDown the right StatusGator alternative for you? It depends on your specific needs. Many customers who have switched to IsDown find it surpasses their expectations. Start your free 14-day trial today!

Do you have questions or need a demo? Reach out at hi@isdown.app, and we'll gladly assist!

Nuno Tomas Founder of IsDown
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