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Resolved Bank of America Disruption

We are aware of a recent issue that affects all Bank of America customers. Specifically, they will not be able to import new credit card transactions assigned via both the personal and domain settings. We are actively working with our Bank of America partners to resolve this issue and will post an update as soon as we have a resolution.

Resolved Wells Fargo Connection Issues

Wells Fargo has identified an issue on their side where they are not correctly processing some of our data transfer requests. This means that cards currently connected might not be able to update and new cards might not be able to connect. They are investigating the issue and we'll update this status as we hear updates from them.

about 1 month ago Official incident report

Resolved Outbound emails not sending

An issue has been identified with system-generated Expensify emails not sending. This will include the weekly reminder email and notifications of reports which are ready for approval. The team are actively investigating this. You can see which tasks need your attention from your Expensify Inbox at www.expensify.com/inbox. In addition, email replies from Concierge were not sending in a timely fashion, so if you have been emailing in there may have been a delay on responses.

Resolved Wells Fargo transaction import paused

A recurrence of a previous incident has occurred whereby duplicate transactions are being imported for connected Wells Fargo credit cards. Expensify has paused the importing of transactions for these cards whilst Wells Fargo investigate to avoid any immediate impact and confusion caused by working with these duplicates. You can still connect and assign cards from Wells Fargo, but no transactions will import.

Resolved Unable to connect or export with NetSuite SuiteSignOn

Any customers connected to NetSuite via SuiteSignOn may be encountering "Login Error. Please check your credentials" in Expensify when syncing or exporting to NetSuite, or "This feature is not available to your company" in NetSuite when connecting to Expensify. A known fix is to switch your NetSuite connection to update your Expensify Bundle, disconnect from NetSuite, and reconnect with Token-Based Authentication. The team is working hard to bring SuiteSignOn back as soon as possible. Reach out to [email protected] for anything else.

Resolved Errors and slow upload speeds for receipt uploads and PDF exports

We are currently working to fix an issue that is affecting how you upload receipts through the web app and mobile app, and export reports to PDF through the web app. You might see errors that suggest your file "might be corrupt or have illegal characters in it", or receive an email saying "Unfortunately the SmartScan did not work. Please upload manually". We're sorry for interrupting your work, and are working to fix this as quickly as possible. We'll update you here shortly.

Resolved Integrations Outage

We're currently investigating issues relating to blank loading screens when making an initial connection to QuickBooks Online as well as failed or hanging syncs/exports to current QuickBooks Online connections. In the meantime, there are no known workarounds. As soon as there is progress or resolution, we'll update this status again.

Resolved Well Fargo connection is importing duplicate transactions

Something changed on Wells Fargo's end that caused our duplicate detection to miss filtering out certain duplicates.

Resolved Inbound email delivery issues

Inbound help request emails and receipt emails might fail. If you need support, please use the in-product chat feature.

Resolved Expensify Sync Manager - QuickBooks Desktop

Users are seeing the message "The Expensify Sync Manager could not be reached" when attempting to Sync and Export reports to QuickBooks Desktop. We are aware and are investigating a fix.

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