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0 incidents in the last 7 days

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Last known issue was about 1 month ago

Latest Incidents

Resolved Investigating reports of text messages not being received

We've received a few reports of employees not receiving text notifications. We've been unable to reproduce the issue so far, but it may have to do with a problem at our text messaging service. We're continuing to look into it. Please let us know if you have encountered this problem.

about 1 month ago Official incident report

Resolved Planned Search Re-index maintenance

Kickserv is performing database maintenance. It began Friday, Aug 13th, at 6pm Pacific Time. This maintenance is related to the customer feedback regarding the search feature and capabilities. The estimate was that the work would be completed early this morning, but due to the size of the data the indexing has continued into most of Saturday. You may find that your search capabilities are spotty today. We are monitoring the progress and you should see a steady increase in search speed results throughout the day. Thank you for working with us. Ping us in support if you have any questions.

Resolved Jobs page read traffic alert

At approximately 10:50 am PDT / 12:50 pm CDT Tuesday Aug 10, 2021 for 12 minutes the following pages were unreachable: Jobs page Dashboard page Customers page We have installed logic that will speed-up database calls from the main database to read or view data. What is supposed to happen is when a request comes into the database the software will redistribute that load to multiple servers so that the main database is not overly burdened. We needed to run this during high traffic hours to locate any issues. A conflict was found between our logic and our hosted AWS load balancers which is inherent with our servers. We quickly figured out what was causing the high error rates and dialed the load back onto the main database. This brought the pages back. We are going to continue to test while fully monitoring the situation and hopefully we will not have any further issues with this enhancement. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused your workflow today. Once fully implemented you will see an enhanced experience with your customer and job data appearing more quickly on the pages.

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