Upgrade Your Incident Response with IsDown and Squadcast Integration

Published at Jul 4, 2023.
Upgrade Your Incident Response with IsDown and Squadcast Integration

We're thrilled to announce another significant feature release: the integration of IsDown with Squadcast. This integration brings a powerful addition to your incident management and SaaS outage monitoring toolkit, strengthening the reliability of your business and its response to any downtime.

Squadcast is a top-tier incident management tool that works to improve site reliability engineering (SRE) techniques by providing seamless incident responses. Like a trusty companion during a storm, Squadcast helps steer workflows during system downtime, mitigating disruptions and reducing business impact, all working alongside IsDown's robust outage alerting capabilities.

This blog post will guide you through the benefits of IsDown's integration with Squadcast, walk you through setup instructions, and discuss how businesses can optimize this integration.

Squadcast: Streamlining Incident Management

Before diving into the integration, let's understand Squadcast. Squadcast creates a platform to manage and respond to incidents effectively. It collates alert notifications, creates on-call schedules, automates escalations, and allows for incident war rooms and post-incident reviews. It amplifies efficiency, minimizes downtime, and bolsters the reliability of mission-critical applications.

IsDown & Squadcast Integration: Maximized Reliability

With the IsDown integration, Squadcast users can now gain real-time monitoring and instant notifications for outages in their critical third-party tools and cloud providers, covering over 2500 status pages.

Key Benefits of the Integration

The IsDown and Squadcast integration brings several benefits:

  • Real-time Outage Alerts: Receive real-time outage alerts from your third-party dependencies directly within the Squadcast platform.

  • Improved Incident Response: Gain instant insight by aggregating internal system issues with outages from your external dependencies.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Leverage IsDown's outage data to understand trends and make informed decisions regarding your infrastructure and service provider choices.

Setting up The Integration

Check our help article on how to set up Squadcast and IsDown.


With the integration of IsDown with Squadcast, we're adding another significant evolution to the world of SaaS outage and incident monitoring.

Start using IsDown's integration with Squadcast today and experience the shift in your business reliability, bringing you a comprehensive monitoring strategy leaving no stone unturned. Now, no third-party downtime will catch you by surprise!

Nuno Tomas Founder of IsDown
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