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1 incidents in the last 7 days

5 incidents in the last 30 days

Last known issue was 3 days ago

Latest Incidents

Resolved Error 500 when searching in Canva

We have identified and are fixing a partial outage for some customers affecting user search results. We continue to work on resolving this issue. We have identified the root cause and working on ways to expedite the fix.

Resolved Users seeing a 403 error message or blank screen while logging into Canva through a mobile web browser on Android

We have identified and are fixing a partial outage for some users who log in or sign up to Canva on an Android device via Facebook or Google using the mobile browser. While we work on resolving this, affected users can use the Android Canva mobile app instead.

Resolved Unable to publish and schedule designs to Facebook and Instagram

Publishing and scheduling posts to Facebook and Instagram may be failing due to issues these platforms are currently experiencing. We apologize for the inconvenience and rest assured that we will closely monitor this and update this page for any improvements or updates. Thank you.

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