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Resolved Delayed sends in APAC region

We've discovered an issue which is preventing email and SMS sends, and our tech team are working flat out to fix it. Sorry if this is affecting you, but things should be back to normal very soon. Look out for more news from us shortly.

Resolved Issues with Engagement Cloud (in North America)

We're receiving some reports from customers experiencing some intermittent errors with our North American region. We're investigating it now, and we'll post an update as soon as we can.

about 1 month ago Official incident report

Resolved Gmail and Googlemail

Starting at 19:40 UTC, we are seeing an increased level of hard bounces from gmail and googlemail. This is a continuation of the issues Google are having with their gmail service. We have currently implemented a work around to stop the hard bounces suppressing the contacts within Engagement Cloud, however some customers may have seen a heightened amount of gmail suppressions from recent campaign sends. We are continuing to review options to un-suppress those that have inadvertently being suppressed by gmail responding with '550 user not found errors' and place them back into address books.

Resolved All Regions Transactional Emails not sending over TLS

Summary of impact: At approximately 01:05 UTC on 16th November 2020, customers’ experienced issues sending transactional emails using TLS, this was due to an expired SSL/TLS certificate. We restored services at 03:01 UTC on 16th November 2020. During this time, a subset of our customer's transactional emails were not being sent. Root Cause: This issue was due to an expired SSL/TLS certificate used by our SMTP service. The expiring certificate was replaced across our infrastructure, in advanced of the expiry date, with the exception of our SMTP service, which was configured via an alternate method. This deviation required a separate deploy of the SMTP services and was missing from our standard operating procedures relating to certificate renewal and therefore was subsequently missed. We apologise in for any inconvenience this may have caused. Mitigation: The timeline for resolving this issue was (timestamps in UTC): - Incident was reported at 01:15 - Issue was identified at 01:57 - A patch for the issue was built and released at 02:42 - After testing, incident was fully resolved at 03:01 Next Steps: In order to prevent this issue from re-occurring, we’re going to update our certificate management standard operating procedure to incorporate our SMTP service.

Resolved Support centre and tickets currently unavailable

We've discovered our support centre ( and ticketing vendor Zendesk are currently experiencing issues right now. You can still chat to our superstar support team using our live chat support and telephone, but email support tickets are currently unavailable. Please click the help button in app for your local support telephone numbers and to use live chat. We’ll have another update for you soon, stay tuned.

11 months ago Official incident report

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