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1 incidents in the last 7 days

2 incidents in the last 30 days

Last known issue was 5 days ago

Latest Incidents

Resolved Outage alerts from the APAC region

We're investigating a spike in outages reported from the APAC region, specifically from Sydney, Australia. There are no indications that these are false outages but instead an indication of a larger incident with the Internet. We will continue to investigate and update our status page as we know more.

Resolved Issues updating and creating transaction checks

Transaction check modification through my Pingdom and via our public API (503 service unavailable response) is currently suffering from an unknown issue. We are investigating. As far as we can see all alerting and monitoring is working as it should.

Resolved Major internet outage, delays and possibly not sent alerts from Pingdom

As many others already have noticed, there is a major problem on the internet right now. Pingdom has detected over 161 thousand outages in the last hour. This is about 15 times the normal number of outages we see. Due to the massive number of alerts we are trying to send out, and the outage itself, we can expect alert delays or possibly even missed alerts. Uptime monitoring and other Pingdom services are not affected by this. We will update here as soon as we have more details available.

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