Outage in Azure

Azure Monitor - Logs Data Access Issues - Mitigated

Resolved Minor
July 06, 2023 - Started about 1 year ago - Lasted about 10 hours

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Outage Details

Summary of Impact: Between at 23:15 UTC on 06 Jul 2023 and 09:00 UTC on 07 July 2023, customers using Azure Monitor may have experienced issues accessing logs, data gaps, and missed / latent alerts. Preliminary Root Cause: We determined a configuration issue triggered a bug, causing a significant unexpected increase in traffic, causing one of our backend services responsible for processing and storing logs to reach throughput limits. This caused the service's control plane to become unresponsive, leading to services becoming unable to retrieve authentication tokens. The resulting impact spread to multiple regions.Mitigation: We throttled heavy consumers and spun up additional infrastructure to process the incoming load, as well as the backlog of requests.Next Steps: We will follow up in 3 days with a preliminary Post Incident Report (PIR), which'll cover the main root cause and repair items. We'll follow that up 14 days later with a final PIR where we will share a deep dive into the incident.  Stay informed about Azure service issues by creating custom service health alerts: https://aka.ms/ash-videos for video tutorials and https://aka.ms/ash-alerts for how-to documentation.
Components affected
Japan East - Application Insights ‡Sweden South West Central US - Log Analytics Norway West - Application Insights ‡Sweden South - Application Insights Korea Central - Application Insights *Non-Regional - Azure Monitor Germany West Central - Log Analytics Switzerland North ‡Sweden South - Log Analytics Brazil South ‡West US 3 - Application Insights UK South *Non-Regional - Activity Log UK West - Application Insights Norway West - Log Analytics Germany North Germany West Central Brazil Southeast - Application Insights Brazil Southeast - Log Analytics Germany West Central - Application Insights Australia Central - Application Insights East Asia - Application Insights East Asia - Log Analytics *Non-Regional - Diagnostic Logs Japan West Australia East - Log Analytics South Africa West South Africa North - Application Insights South Africa North - Log Analytics Brazil South - Application Insights Central India - Application Insights Central India - Log Analytics UK West - Log Analytics South India - Log Analytics Norway West West US 2 - Application Insights West US 2 - Log Analytics Australia Southeast East US - Application Insights East US - Log Analytics Canada Central - Application Insights Canada Central - Log Analytics South Central US Jio India Central - Application Insights Jio India Central - Log Analytics Brazil South - Log Analytics Korea Central - Log Analytics Jio India West - Log Analytics Canada East Australia Central 2 Central US - Application Insights Brazil Southeast France Central Norway East - Application Insights Norway East - Log Analytics ‡Qatar Central Jio India West - Application Insights East US 2 - Application Insights East US 2 - Log Analytics Central US - Log Analytics North Central US South Central US - Application Insights South Central US - Log Analytics West US - Application Insights West US - Log Analytics North Europe - Application Insights North Europe - Log Analytics West Europe West Europe - Application Insights West Europe - Log Analytics France Central - Application Insights France Central - Log Analytics France South - Application Insights France South - Log Analytics Switzerland West ‡Sweden Central - Application Insights ‡Sweden Central - Log Analytics Southeast Asia Australia Central Australia Southeast - Application Insights Australia Southeast - Log Analytics Australia Central - Log Analytics Central India Australia Central 2 - Application Insights Australia Central 2 - Log Analytics Japan West - Application Insights Japan West - Log Analytics Korea South - Application Insights Korea South - Log Analytics South Africa North West US 2 ‡West US 3 East Asia Australia East West India Central US Canada Central East US West Central US Canada East - Application Insights Canada East - Log Analytics UK South - Application Insights North Europe Switzerland North - Application Insights Switzerland North - Log Analytics Norway East Switzerland West - Application Insights Switzerland West - Log Analytics Southeast Asia - Application Insights Southeast Asia - Log Analytics Japan East Jio India West *Non-Regional France South UK West ‡Sweden Central Japan East - Log Analytics Korea Central Korea South Jio India Central East US 2 ‡Qatar Central - Application Insights ‡Qatar Central - Log Analytics South India - Application Insights ‡West US 3 - Log Analytics UK South - Log Analytics Australia East - Application Insights West US South India North Central US - Application Insights North Central US - Log Analytics *Non-Regional - Alerts

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