Coinbase vs. Helium

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Every service has different practices when updating its status page, so compare these stats with a grain of salt. E.g., one service can be more aggressive when updating its status page than other so that they will have more incidents, but it doesn't mean it is worse than the other.


Coinbase current official status is Operational


Incidents in the last 7 days
Incidents in the last 30 days
Incidents in the last 90 days

Latest incidents

Resolved Delayed BTC Transactions

Sends/receives are delayed for BTC. Trading is not impacted. While we work on a fix, your funds remain secure.

about 23 hours ago Official incident report
Resolved Intermittent Connection Issues Error on Web Buy / Sell Button

We're investigating an issue where clicking the buy / sell button on web results in a Connection Issues Error. Refreshing the page should resolve the error, or customers can use the mo...

Resolved Technical Issue

We’re investigating a technical issue causing some trades to fail on Simple trade for and Coinbase Pay. We’re working on a quick fix and we’ll update you here shortly.


Helium current official status is Operational


Incidents in the last 7 days
Incidents in the last 30 days
Incidents in the last 90 days

Latest incidents

Resolved IOT Proof-of-Coverage Beaconing degraded in Europe and AS923

The Core Developers have noticed that some Hotspots in Europe have stopped beaconing for roughly the last 24 hours. This is likely due to an issue that can be worked around in the IOT PoC Verifier ...

Resolved IoT PoC Invalid Witnesses

A prolonged outage on the Solana blockchain has exposed a bug in the IoT Proof-of-Coverage Verifier Oracle. The outage caused the Verifier to unnecessarily rule that many Hotspot Beacons were not c...

Resolved Increased Block and Election Times due to Oracled IOT PoC

This is placeholder comms for a decision made by the core devs and the Foundation a few minutes ago. We will come back with more specific communications on what we did, why it was necessary in an u...

about 2 months ago Official incident report

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