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0 incidents in the last 7 days

1 incidents in the last 30 days

Last known issue was 25 days ago

Latest Incidents

Resolved Archive Queries - Queries fail in several accounts for queries between 11:00-13:00 UTC

Due to a deployment aimed at allowing surrounding logs queries for archived logs, some archive files were written with a discrepancy to our archive query service. This causes queries to intermediately fail for archive queries (Frequent search logs can be searched as usual) Our team is working to resolve the issue for future data and fix the problematic folders.

Resolved Data index Lag - accounts over 100GB in EU region

Our team is working to resolve an issue that had occurred due to HW problems in AWS Ireland region - we are currently recovering our cluster and expecting to provide an accurate ETA within minutes. Alerts, Live Tail, Archive queries are working as expected.

about 2 months ago Official incident report

Resolved User interface availability issues - Due to AWS Incident in Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (Ireland)

Our team is monitoring an AWS incident that is affecting customers in our EU region causing the user interface to occasionally not load for new logins. From AWS status ( 2:39 PM PDT We are investigating connectivity issues for load balancers in a single Availability Zone (euw1-az2) in the EU-WEST-1 Region. 2:58 PM PDT We can confirm network connectivity issues affecting a single Availability Zone (euw1-az2) in the EU-WEST-1 Region and are actively working on mitigation. Some other AWS services, including Lambda, ELB, Kinesis, SQS, RDS, CloudWatch and ECS, may also see impact as a result of this issue. A component within the subsystem responsible for the processing of network packets for Network Load Balancer, NAT Gateway and PrivateLink services became impaired and was no longer processing health checks successfully. This resulted in other components no longer accepting new connection requests, as well as elevated packet loss for Network Load Balancer, NAT Gateway and PrivateLink endpoints. For immediate mitigation for NLB, customers should (1) disable ‘cross zone load balancing’ on Network Load Balancer, and then (2) deregister any targets that are in usw2-az2. For NAT Gateway/PrivateLink, you may modify your route tables to direct traffic to NAT Gateways in other Availability Zones or you may disable PrivateLink endpoints in euw1-az2.

about 2 months ago Official incident report

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