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0 incidents in the last 7 days

1 incidents in the last 30 days

Last known issue was 21 days ago

Latest Incidents

Resolved Intermittent connectivity issues

We are currently experiencing intermittent connectivity issues across our infrastructure due to an issue with our upstream provider. We are investigating the situation and will provide updates as we work to resolve this.

Resolved Background job latency

We have identified and resolved an issue which caused background jobs to take longer than usual. This resulted in a large queue of work we needed to process. All important jobs have been completed (e.g. redirect updates, certificate requests and renewals) and we do not expect any further customer-facing issues as a result of this.

almost 2 years ago Official incident report

Resolved Possible Connectivity Issues with Management Dashboard

Our automated systems have detected possible connectivity issues with the management dashboard. We're currently investigating, and will provide more information soon.

over 3 years ago Official incident report

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