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Latest GIPHY Official Outages

We continuously monitor the official GIPHY status page for updates on any ongoing outages. Check the stats for the latest 30 days and a list of the last GIPHY outages.

0 Outages in the last 7 days
0 Outages in the last 30 days
526 Days since last incident

Maintenance Resolved · over 1 year ago · lasted 5 months

Elevated latency & error rates

There are elevated errors rates and increased latencies for several endpoints. We have identified the root cause and are working to restore full functionality.

Minor Resolved · over 1 year ago · lasted 4 months

Elevated error rates

We are currently investigating the issues.

Minor Resolved · over 2 years ago · lasted over 1 year

Elevated error rates with API

We have identified an issue with one of our downstream systems which is causing increased error rates on our API.

Minor Resolved · over 2 years ago · lasted over 1 year

Developer Portal and Tools in Read Only Mode

Due to an ongoing incident surrounding our internal datastore update (see: scheduled maintenance), our Developer Portal ( is currently in a read-only state, as we monitor a fix that has been applied. During this time, you will not be able to create new applications, or modify/delete existing applications. No changes to the attributes of an API keys can be made during this period (e.g., upgrading a beta key to a production key). Note that the use of existing API keys by client applications will be unaffected. We will provide updates here, but expect this read-only operation to continue through this evening. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Minor Resolved · over 5 years ago · lasted about 4 years

Reported SSL cert issues on our media urls

We are aware that some users are experiencing SSL cert issues on our media urls. We are currently investigating and will update the status of this incident as we resolve this issue. Thank you for your patience.

Minor Resolved · over 5 years ago · lasted over 4 years

Errors on GIPHY API,, and GIPHY Apps

We are experiencing issues with the GIPHY API and users may be experiencing 500 errors. We are working to resolve the issue.

Minor Resolved · almost 6 years ago · lasted almost 5 years

GIPHY for Chrome and Gmail extensions compromised

The GIPHY for Chrome and GIPHY for Gmail extensions were compromised on Saturday June 17 between 11am–1pm ET when they were updated to include a malicious JavaScript file. We detected the issue and released an updated version of each extension immediately. The versions compromised are GIPHY for Chrome 1.4 and GIPHY for Gmail 1.5. The most up-to-date, safe versions are GIPHY for Chrome 1.5 and GIPHY for Gmail 1.6. Only users who updated their Chrome extensions during that window should be affected. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please email with any questions or concerns.

Minor Resolved · over 6 years ago · lasted about 5 years

Issues with serving media and with uploads due to Amazon S3 outage

GIPHY API endpoints are experiencing issues related to S3 outage on Amazon Web Services including: problems serving uncached media assets, errors with sharing certain GIF renditions on social media, and upload errors. We are working hard to fix these issues while we wait for S3 to stabilize. Thank you for your patience!

GIPHY problems reported by users

User-reported problems for GIPHY in the last 12 hours. It's a collection of user reports from different sources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is GIPHY down right now? What is GIPHY current status?
GIPHY seems to be up and running. We've updated the status 4 minutes ago.
Was GIPHY down today?
GIPHY is up and running now. In the last 24 hours there was 0 outages.
I'm having issues with GIPHY, but the status is OK. What's going on?
There are a few things you can try:
  • Check the official status page for more information.
  • Check the Twitter account for more information.
  • Check on the top of the page if there are any reported problems by other users.
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