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Latest comments about Hypixel problems

  • A
    about 1 hour ago

    Anonymous Both the Main Hypixel server and Alpha say, " Connection times out: no further information". I have very fast internet and other servers are working just fine

  • A
    about 2 hours ago

    Aditya I am not able to join hypixel

  • S
    2 days ago

    Shep Kicking me, now wont let me rejoin. Gives me an error for more information and a link that doesn't load

  • J
    2 days ago

    Joe I got kicked and can't reconnect in the error it gave me the site for more information can also not load but the official hypixel status website says the server is fine

  • J
    2 days ago

    Jun It kicked me out as I was playing and will not let me join now

  • M
    4 days ago

    mike cant login. "cant connect to server" error

  • G
    7 days ago

    gustavo can't connect to the server ( offline )

  • E
    8 days ago

    Emily Have internet but will not let me log in after many tries.

  • R
    10 days ago

    Raistynn Cannot connect to server; timed out every attempt and "Can't connect to server" on main page.

  • .
    10 days ago

    ........................... sending to limbo and cant get out of there

  • E
    10 days ago

    Egle I have internet but I get spawned in limbo??

  • J
    10 days ago

    Jack Getting instantly transferred to limbo

  • L
    11 days ago

    Louis can´t connect to the server i get instant disconnected

  • R
    12 days ago

    rhys wont let me log in after 2 restarts

  • T
    14 days ago

    Tomer High ping for all the server

  • D
    20 days ago

    drew it disconnected me randomly without a reason and i cant join back even after restarting my computer

  • B
    21 days ago

    benniver Wont let me and my friend join he server, not internet problem. hypixel crashed during dragon summon

  • B
    24 days ago

    Brenden Kicked from server and I can no longer join

  • H
    24 days ago

    Hypixel Only server that cannot resolve hostname

  • E
    24 days ago

    Emily It says "Can't connect to server"

Latest Hypixel status updates

SkyBlock Unavailable

Major Resolved

July 11, 2024 · lasted 42 minutes

We are currently investigating a backend issue and as a result, SkyBlock has been put into emergency maintenance and players are unable to join.

The Pit Emergency Maintenance

Major Resolved

June 04, 2024 · lasted about 11 hours

The Pit is currently unavailable due to emergency maintenance.

Hypixel outages in the last 30 days

Number of Incidents

1 issues

Last incident

10 days ago

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hypixel down today?

Hypixel is currently operational. In the last 24 hours, there were 0 outages reported. IsDown continuously monitors the Hypixel status page, looking for the latest outages and issues affecting customers. Check all recent outages in the section 'Latest Hypixel outages, issues and problems' at the top of the page.

When was the last Hypixel outage?

Hypixel last outage was on July 11, 2024 with the title "SkyBlock Unavailable"

Hypixel not working for you? How do I know if Hypixel is down?
How IsDown compares to DownDetector?

IsDown and DownDetector help users determine if a service is having problems. The big difference is that IsDown is a status page aggregator. IsDown monitors a service's official status page to give our customers a more reliable source of information. The integration allows us to provide more details about the outage, like incident title, description, updates, and the parts of the affected service. Additionally, users can create internal status pages and set up notifications for all their third-party services.