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Resolved [DUBLIN] Network Equipment Failure

We have received alerts of a down network device that could affect several customers in the Dublin Datacenter, Engineers are onsite investigating the issue currently.

Resolved CenturyLink/Level 3 Outage

CenturyLink/Level 3 Communications is experiencing a widespread network outage affecting some customers. We are now rerouting traffic from those affected links.

Resolved Las Vegas Carrier Outage

In the Las Vegas market MacStadium is aware of a known major fiber outage effecting multiple carriers. We are operating at reduced redundancy with potential latency.

Resolved [ATLANTA] Network Issue

We have received reports from multiple customers that they are experiencing intermittent connectivity issues in Atlanta. We have multiple Engineers investigating currently.

Resolved Provider DNS Outage

Due to a network outage from one of MacStadium's DNS providers, customers utilizing MacStadium DNS servers for Reverse PTR records will see an impact on their hosted email servers. MacStadium is monitoring the issue with the provider and will pass along updates as they are available.

10 months ago Official incident report

Resolved [LAS VEGAS] Hardware Incident

Dear Valued MacStadium Customers, Today, January 27th, around 6PM Eastern time, our monitoring system alerted us to a possible hardware incident in the Las Vegas market. Our on site team responded to this alert and they were able to determine and resolve the issue in approximately 15 minutes. This hardware incident may have impacted the ability for several customers to access their environment during the incident window. As of now, all affected systems are stable and onsite technicians will continue to monitor. Our Engineering team will conduct an investigation into the incident and we will make these details available. Please monitor for additional updates. If you believe you are still having an issue reaching your environment please contact us immediately via or by calling 877.250.3497

about 1 year ago Official incident report

Resolved Customer Portal Outage

Outage Notification Reference ID: 88634 Message type: Initial Message Impact type: Non-disruptive to customers' environments Valued Customer, Please be advised that MacStadium's Customer Portal is experiencing an issue whereby users attempting to login are redirected back to the login page resulting in an inability to leverage the portal. We are actively working the issue and will provide updates here. If you have questions, then please contact MacStadium Customer Support at 1-877-250-3497 or via email at [email protected] Additionally, visit MacStadium’s Status Page ( for updates before, during, and after this change.

about 1 year ago Official incident report

Resolved Atlanta DC - Cooling Incident

Due to a water pump failure at our data center colo provider, temperatures at our Atlanta site spiked. The water pump is now working and cooling is again flowing bringing the site's temperatures back into appropriate ranges. Unfortunately, these high temperatures negatively impacted a number of systems which we are assessing and working to resolve.

over 1 year ago Official incident report

Resolved Las Vegas Route Impairment

We are currently investigating an issue related to the supernet We are engaging with our carriers to address the issue.

over 1 year ago Official incident report

Resolved Atlanta Fiber Ring Incident

As of 9:36 PM ET on 10-15-2018 our upstream carrier, Zayo, began experiencing a dark fiber outage of unknown origin impacting a small portion of our Atlanta-based customers. This outage was isolated to one side of our redundant fiber ring connecting our Atlanta DC3 and DC4 data centers. Due to this redundancy, Zayo was able to restore service at 10:19 PM ET on 10-15-2018. As Zayo continued to explore the origin of the fiber ring failure they experienced a complete failure of this fiber, at approximately 12:54 AM ET on 10-16-2018, causing both sides of the ring to collapse. This collapse has resulted in a larger portion of our Altanta DC3-based customers to experience a network outage. We continue to be in direct communication with Zayo and are actively working with them to resolve the incident.

over 2 years ago Official incident report

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