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Latest AdRoll outages, issues and problems

Major October 12, 2023 · lasted about 1 hour

AdRoll Email campaign delivery and some Web Retargeting campaigns in Automation are currently experiencing an outage.

Our engineering team is currently investigating an outage that affecting AdRoll Email campaign delivery and some Web Retargeting campaigns in Automation.

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Minor September 28, 2023 · lasted about 6 hours

RollWorks data loading issues

Various areas in the RollWorks app may have trouble fully displaying data. The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented.

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Minor August 24, 2023 · lasted about 3 hours

Granular Conversion Report (GCR) not being generated and sent

Issue: Granular Conversion Report (GCR) is not being generated and sent for both scheduled & on-demand due to an email decryption issue. Functional Impact: Unable to generate and send GCRs. Next ...

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Minor July 20, 2023 · lasted about 1 hour

LinkedIn Campaigns integration outage

LinkedIn Campaigns integration is currently experiencing an outage. With this, all of our LinkedIn campaigns have stopped spending. Our engineering teams are working directly with LinkedIn to res...

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We have registered 55 issues and outages in AdRoll since we started monitoring on April 28, 2020.
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Minor July 06, 2023 · lasted about 3 hours

Ads service loading issues

AdRoll and RollWorks are currently experiencing load issues for areas that rely on the Ads backend services.

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Minor June 16, 2023 · lasted 6 days

Delayed segmentation of untrackable converting cookies

Note: Conversions from untrackable cookies are not surfaced in attributed conversions nor website audiences. The only impact is to general site metrics conversion figures – and the AdRoll Cross-Cha...

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Easily monitor AdRoll and all your third-party status pages

Stay ahead of outages with real-time notifications, health dashboards, and internal status pages. Monitor the status pages of all your dependencies.

Users reports for AdRoll in the last 12 hours

AdRoll outages or issues in the last 30 days

Oct 31, 2023
No Outages
Nov 01, 2023
No Outages
Nov 02, 2023
No Outages
Nov 03, 2023
No Outages
Nov 04, 2023
No Outages
Nov 05, 2023
No Outages
Nov 06, 2023
No Outages
Nov 07, 2023
No Outages
Nov 08, 2023
No Outages
Nov 09, 2023
No Outages
Nov 10, 2023
No Outages
Nov 11, 2023
No Outages
Nov 12, 2023
No Outages
Nov 13, 2023
No Outages
Nov 14, 2023
No Outages
Nov 15, 2023
No Outages
Nov 16, 2023
No Outages
Nov 17, 2023
No Outages
Nov 18, 2023
No Outages
Nov 19, 2023
No Outages
Nov 20, 2023
No Outages
Nov 21, 2023
No Outages
Nov 22, 2023
No Outages
Nov 23, 2023
No Outages
Nov 24, 2023
No Outages
Nov 25, 2023
No Outages
Nov 26, 2023
No Outages
Nov 27, 2023
No Outages
Nov 28, 2023
No Outages
Nov 29, 2023
No Outages

Stats for AdRoll issues in the last 30 days

Number of Incidents

0 issues

Last incident

48 days ago

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is AdRoll down right now? What is AdRoll current status?
AdRoll seems to be up and running. We've updated the status 1 minute ago.
Was AdRoll down today?
AdRoll is up and running now. In the last 24 hours there was 0 outages.
When was the last AdRoll outage?
AdRoll last outage was on October 12, 2023 with the title "AdRoll Email campaign delivery and some Web Retargeting campaigns in Automation are currently experiencing an outage."
AdRoll not working for you? Having issues and need support?
  • Check on the top of the page if there are any reported problems by other users.
  • Find their support at their official website.
  • Find their support contact at their official status page.
How can I monitor AdRoll outages?
Why use IsDown instead of AdRoll status page?
IsDown is a status page aggregator, which means that we aggregate the status of multiple cloud services. Monitor all the services that impact your business. Get a dashboard with the health of all services and status updates. Set up notifications via Slack, Datadog, PagerDuty, and more, when a service you monitor has issues or when maintenances are scheduled. Check more details in here.
How IsDown compares to DownDetector?
IsDown and DownDetector help users determine if a service is having problems. The big difference is that IsDown is a status page aggregator. IsDown monitors a service's official status page to give our customers a more reliable source of information. The integration allows us to provide more details about the outage, like incident title, description, updates, and the parts of the affected service. Additionally, users can create internal status pages and set up notifications for all their third-party services.

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