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Latest comments about Wise (TransferWise) problems

  • M
    8 days ago

    Moiz It is not sending the code for registration.

  • R
    13 days ago

    Rafael I have made the transfer from my bank to wise but wise app is saying it hasn’t received the payment. I called my bank and they confirmed since it’s the same bank the payment was already made.

  • R
    19 days ago

    Romnick I cannot anymore log in with my account. Its important that i can log in because I need all the receipt and the copy of the money being sent.

  • S
    29 days ago

    Seyed I cannot log in to my app. It says sorry! Something went wrong! the contact us is also can not be reached.

  • D
    about 1 month ago

    Debra Error login. Says connection couldn’t established

  • R
    about 1 month ago

    Rifer Error saying a secure connection couldn’t be established

  • M
    about 1 month ago

    Morino The mobile application is displaying technical issues, whenever you log in using the app you get an error message saying we are encountering technical difficulties, please try again later. And as a...

  • K
    about 1 month ago

    Kai Something went wrong - you are on an insecure network or need to update app. (I am using the latest app version)

  • K
    about 1 month ago

    Kevin IOS App reports “secure connection couldn’t be established. You are either on a an insecure network or you need to update your Wise app” No update available on App Store and no security issues ...

  • E
    about 1 month ago

    Ed Funds already deducted on my account last May 31, 2024 but the transfer status on my wise app is still pending and i did not receive the amount yet. hope they solve this asap. their customer servic...

  • P
    about 2 months ago

    Paul I have transfer money going abroad for my family last night until now money still not In account. Never happened before but this is the first time. How long will it solve?

  • K
    2 months ago

    Keila Its taking longer to transfer my money

  • E
    2 months ago

    Ed Mobile app send funds not working

  • A
    2 months ago

    Alan Declining payments in italy

  • A
    2 months ago

    Anonymous After a transfer has been set up, the approver is not being notified that an approval is needed, nor am I receiving the usual email that the transfer has been set up and is awaiting approval.

  • C
    2 months ago

    Carolyn After verification, page says 404 not found

  • N
    3 months ago

    NGAU System keep loading but unable to open full or key in my username to login to the platform

  • L
    3 months ago

    lucy having issues with transfers

  • I
    4 months ago

    ice I withdrew funds, however they weren't shown on the bank account I have. Every detail is correct, but it doesn't reflect.

  • J
    5 months ago

    james Took my money but will not transfer. cannot contact anyone for cutomer service. Even the phone just sends you to an automated message.

Latest Wise (TransferWise) status updates

Delayed payouts, issues with top ups and verification

Minor Resolved

July 01, 2024 · lasted about 4 hours

We are experiencing an issue with payouts which are currently delayed, with top ups and with verification. We are working on a fix and to resolve this as soon as possible.

Performance issues over API

Minor Resolved

June 25, 2024 · lasted 13 days

Performance issues over API for transfer-requirements in both production and sandbox, users are unaffected.

Wise (TransferWise) outages in the last 30 days

Number of Incidents

4 issues

Last incident

14 days ago

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wise (TransferWise) down today?

Wise (TransferWise) is currently operational. In the last 24 hours, there were 0 outages reported. IsDown continuously monitors the Wise (TransferWise) status page, looking for the latest outages and issues affecting customers. Check all recent outages in the section 'Latest Wise (TransferWise) outages, issues and problems' at the top of the page.

When was the last Wise (TransferWise) outage?

Wise (TransferWise) last outage was on July 01, 2024 with the title "Delayed payouts, issues with top ups and verification"

Wise (TransferWise) not working for you? How do I know if Wise (TransferWise) is down?
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IsDown and DownDetector help users determine if a service is having problems. The big difference is that IsDown is a status page aggregator. IsDown monitors a service's official status page to give our customers a more reliable source of information. The integration allows us to provide more details about the outage, like incident title, description, updates, and the parts of the affected service. Additionally, users can create internal status pages and set up notifications for all their third-party services.