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  • M
    about 11 hours ago

    Marie Not syncing any data from 11:00am it is now 11:00pm and my whoop hasnt picked up anything. Did not pick up any information from day prior also- bluetooth connected and watch on entire time

  • A
    about 11 hours ago

    Adhirath My data is not syncing since last night. The device has enough charge, the phone has data on it. But still somehow the data is not catching up on the app

  • K
    2 days ago

    Kaz Band has not recorded my data for the last 24hrs and is not syncing.

  • J
    3 days ago

    Julie Keeps saying off body.. when not!

  • B
    3 days ago

    Brian I am missing my data from last night

  • S
    3 days ago

    Stephanie Showing major lag in data

  • J
    3 days ago

    John Is Whoop registration kaput at the moment ? Or is it simply that the software is clunky ?

  • J
    4 days ago

    John Can't create an account -- simply get video about setting the strap - then nothing. Not impressed so far !

  • D
    5 days ago

    Daniel Sleep process delayed by 2 hrs

  • D
    6 days ago

    Daniel No data sync from morning

  • A
    6 days ago

    Ashley My Whoop won’t catch up. I’m over 12 hours behind and I’ve done everything I could find to fix the issue. Anyone else having trouble?

  • N
    6 days ago

    Nicole Whoop stuck “syncing” from 8:17am. Stays catching up

  • D
    6 days ago

    Dominic Data uploads & processing Whoop stuck “catching up” since 10:11a.m. Rebooting device and re-pairing device does not work.

  • J
    6 days ago

    Jonas Data not syncing 8+ hours despite trying all their suggested fixes multiple times…

  • Z
    6 days ago

    Zach Data not syncing. Trying since 11:16AM

  • K
    6 days ago

    Kelsie Data has been syncing since 10:55 am this morning. Won’t sync.

  • E
    6 days ago

    ERIN Data not syncing despite following their fixed

  • E
    6 days ago

    Erinn My whoop has been “syncing” for the last 8hrs

  • C
    6 days ago

    Carlos Data not updating. Data catching up for 5 hours… since 10:43am central time

  • I
    6 days ago

    Izzy data not uploading - 4 hours+ ‘catching up’

Latest WHOOP status updates

Investigating a bug that shows data catching up

Major Resolved

July 17, 2024 · lasted about 1 hour

The team is investigating a bug that is showing data catching up indicator in app stuck or behind in time. The team is investigating, know that your data is coming in and is currently available. Ac...

Strain processing delayed And App is Slow

Minor Resolved

July 12, 2024 · lasted about 5 hours

We are investigating a delay in strain processing. Our engineering team is actively working on a fix. Your data will not be lost and will be caught up shortly. You may experience latency in loading...

WHOOP outages in the last 30 days

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2 issues

Last incident

5 days ago

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is WHOOP down today?

WHOOP is currently operational. In the last 24 hours, there were 0 outages reported. IsDown continuously monitors the WHOOP status page, looking for the latest outages and issues affecting customers. Check all recent outages in the section 'Latest WHOOP outages, issues and problems' at the top of the page.

When was the last WHOOP outage?

WHOOP last outage was on July 17, 2024 with the title "Investigating a bug that shows data catching up"

WHOOP not working for you? How do I know if WHOOP is down?
How IsDown compares to DownDetector?

IsDown and DownDetector help users determine if a service is having problems. The big difference is that IsDown is a status page aggregator. IsDown monitors a service's official status page to give our customers a more reliable source of information. The integration allows us to provide more details about the outage, like incident title, description, updates, and the parts of the affected service. Additionally, users can create internal status pages and set up notifications for all their third-party services.