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Ongoing Incident Performance Issues: Unexpected Reboots on Square Terminal and Square Register

We’re experiencing performance issues with Square Terminal and Square Register. Our engineers have detected an issue on versions 4.36 and above that is ...

    Square Register Square Terminal
Started 14 days ago Official incident report

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Last known issue was 14 days ago

Latest Incidents

Resolved Performance Issues: Facebook and Instagram Integrations

We’re experiencing performance issues related to a Facebook and Instagram outage. You may run into trouble when creating marketing campaigns, or selling and posting via Facebook and Instagram. Our engineering team is aware of the issue and we’ll be back with updates as we have them.

Resolved Reader Connectivity Issues: iOS 15

Our team has identified a bluetooth connectivity issue between Square Contactless + Chip Readers and iOS 15. We recommend sellers refrain from updating to iOS 15 for the time being and turn off auto-updates for iOS. For sellers who have already updated to iOS 15, we recommend using another mobile device to take payments with your card reader, if available. If another device is not available, payments can be taken by: - Manually keying card information into the Point of Sale, Retail, Restaurants or Appointments apps - Manually keying card information via Square's Virtual Terminal - Square Online websites, checkout links, and QR codes A factory reset of any devices upgraded to iOS 15 will also allow Square readers to be used on an older version of iOS. We recommend backing up your device prior to performing a factory reset. We'll have more updates as they can become available, thanks for your patience here and apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime.

about 1 month ago Official incident report

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